Color Factory – San Francisco, California

Do you dream in color or in black and white? I can’t tell when I dream but I wished my dreams were like what I saw last night! I’m visiting my friend Stephanie in San Francisco, California and she insisted I grab Color Factory tickets, which sold out in about 5 minutes online. I panicked and accidentally […]

A Week in Northern California

A week in San Francisco, yes, please! Brian had a plane ticket to use before June and I’m always up for an adventure, so we went for it. This was our first trip together as a couple! I was positive it would be great, of course. : ) But you never know what a week is going to […]

Austin, Texas

David here, Beth’s indomitable brother. We traveled to Austin for 3 days to bear witness to a massive celebration of life and love: the wedding of our good friends Aaron and Chelsey. The city was slowly recovering from SxSW, and backward haircuts roamed the streets at night, listless, forlorn and lost. But the weather was […]