DCI Photographer – Shadow Drum and Bugle Corps’ First Performance

Shadow Drum and Bugle Corps had their first performance in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin last night. Their show is called The Body Celestial and they have these pyramids they carry and wear with mirrors on them. It looked like the field was twinkling because the sun was hitting all of the mirrors. As they were getting […]

DCI Photographer – Start of Another Season

Back at it. This is my 13th year photographing Shadow Drum and Bugle Corps, what used to be Shadow Armada and before that, Oregon Marching Band. I was in the snare line for 4 out of my 5 years in the program and my brother remains the percussion coordinator and program director. I love continuing […]

Shadow Drum and Bugle Corps – Oregon, Wisconsin

“This will be my 25th Oregon home show. The first one was when I was 13 years old coming out of 8th grade and 4’11” on the snare line. The reason I’ve been with the program for so long is because it’s my family. The growth that I see from you makes it so there’s […]

2017 Shadow Drum and Bugle Corps – Atreyu

I’ve been photographing Shadow Drum and Bugle Corps for ten years now and it’s still one of my favorite things to shoot. I’m not sure it will ever get old! There’s actually only two more weeks of the season, so I’ll be around a lot! I’ll be photographing them at their shows in Oregon, Illinois and in […]