Door County

Door County is an amazingly gorgeous part of the world…and it’s in Wisconsin : ) I love Wisconsin. These photos are of my good friend and her family. I tagged along with them up north for the weekend. Thank you Connie, Steve, Dana and Maggie!!

Halloween – Screamin’ Acres

Oh boy, if you like being scared..really scared and haven’t been to Screamin’ Acres between Stoughton and Oregon, highly recommend it. I’m not big on being scared (I scream a lot) but wow, the detail and creativity there is amazing. I’m looking forward to doing more Halloween portraits there!

Birth Photography Article – Wisconsin State Journal

I am so honored to have this article published. I woke up right away this morning fumbling through the Sunday paper to find section H…Sunday Best. It’s tucked in the coupons and cartoons. Birth photography is no doubt a controversial topic and several news outlets are starting to get involved in the discussion. This summer […]

Photography Featured at Collect: Art Gallery in Rockford | October 5

My work will be displayed at Collect: Art Gallery in Rockford, IL until November 10. This is part of the First Friday event in Rockford that features shopping, art and music. My gallery is titled Life, Untouched and will feature three of my favorite things—babies, marching band and alpacas! I would love if you could […]