Rosemary and Avi’s Wedding

It was as simple as paying $25, showing identification and having a witness (me in this case) sign the legal form. In about 20 seconds, the two were married at the City Hall in Manhattan.

Piece of cake.

The cab ride to City Hall from Brooklyn was $18. The plastic bouquet of flowers and boutonniere were a combined $20 that Avi purchased from an outside vendor. It was simple, and easy. Not saying I would love to get married at the City Hall, but why spend thousands and thousands of dollars on one day?

A few interesting points I must add… Avi returned home at 6am in the morning. Therefore, he took advantage of every chance he had to sit down. Avi’s brother and Rosemary’s maid of honor didn’t show up to the ceremony. A friend of Avi’s visiting from Israel and I were there to support the two. The day wasn’t as ideal as most people would want, but it was a pretty perfect day for Rosemary to get married.

Rosemary and I lived together for a few months while I was in Brooklyn. She’s been dating Avi for the past few months while he’s been visiting from Israel…they decided to get married, because they love each other. “When you know, you know,” Rosemary said.