Bergen, Norway

213 days out of the year, it rains in Bergen. We walked around during the day, but it was just too wet to be running around taking pictures. So, unfortunately, the only image of a family member, is of Dave, looking awesome as always. : )

After dinner, we walked a few blocks to the cultural festival. First, there was a salsa band…of course I danced, but only for a few minutes with Nathan. We were about to leave until people started filling in to see the next act. The audience was packed with teenage girls…maybe it would be a good performance. We decided to stay to watch the hip hop dance group. I immediately went to the front of the crowd by the stage to take photos.

After the dance crew, I heard that the next act was even better. Everyone else wanted to leave, but I had to stay and take a few more photos. About 5 guys came out wearing nothing but their underwear to do an acrobatic performance. We stayed for another 20.