Madison Magazine Home of the Month – May

This is the Home of the Month in the May issue of Madison Magazine and it was such a fun home to photograph! Chele and her dog Maia were excellent subjects. Chele knows exactly what pieces to pick up from local thrift stores, which I’m so envious of!! I would love to walk into a thrift store in Madison and find a gold mine. Maybe I do and just walk right past it. : ) She’s also a great artist and is well connected in the art scene in Madison. Their home is full of local artists’ work…I felt so inspired while I was shooting.

Chele gave me a tour of her home before I started photographing. When we got to her husband’s office, she told me that he has been in Madison Magazine before…I totally photographed him in 2009! His name is John Neis and he was published for the Best of Madison Business Winners “Investing in Madison”. He was at work during the first round of shooting, so I went back a few days later early in the morning to catch him before work making breakfast in their amazing kitchen. You’ll see him on the next page in the magazine which is not pictured here.

My favorite part of the whole afternoon was photographing Chele wearing a bright pink Chinese mask. It was sitting on one of their shelves in the living room and she jokingly asked if she should put it on…We spent about 20 minutes in the living room photographing her with the mask on. I was hoping the magazine would run that image on the first page : )

I posted a few of Chele in the mask below.

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