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I’ve met some amazing people in Madison because of my profession. That’s one of my favorite parts of the photography world. Madison is such a great town for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Sometimes people ask if they should or shouldn’t venture off on their own. The advice I give them is to “go for it!” If you have enough passion and drive for what you do, you’ll do well.

This little girl was celebrating her fourth birthday later that afternoon and the bounce house just happen to come a little early about when I arrived. Um, yes! I couldn’t pass up this opportunity! When she ran out to jump in the inflated tiny red castle, I was right behind her. Not only was she jumping around, but her mom and dad took turns as well. I don’t think I stopped laughing for the whole time we were in there bouncing around like popcorn kernels.

Oh, and bikes! If you know me, I’m always game to photograph people and their love for riding. This little girl is a rockstar!