Artifact Uprising – “Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible.”

Now-a-days most of us capture images on our smart phones and iPads; they are small, easy to carry and always with us. Most of us share photos on social media but printing the photos or making an album can sometimes be time consuming and pricey. That is why I am so excited to see several websites and apps popping up on the market to help archive our photos and make quality photo books to help capture our memories.

Recently I found Artifact Uprising, an iPhone app and web-based photo product company based in Boulder, CO. Artifact Uprising offers a free app that imports your photos and allows you to make photo books, prints, postcards and more. I went through the process of making a 5×5 photo book using their app—I was asked to chose up to 40 images. You are able to add type to the cover, but that’s unfortunately the only text you’d allowed to add. You can format the layout of each image with a border, full bleed off the page and even resize the photo—all with a simple swipe of your finger. Once you’re happy with the final product, you enter your credit card info and you’re done! The price of your order depends on the product you choose, but shipping is $6.99 and takes about a week to arrive.

While I was very pleased with the service and product*, I have outlined a few pros and cons of Artifact Uprising:

– The look of the site is clean, neat and easy to navigate.
– The app is really, really easy to use. Easily select the images from your photo stream and drop them in the order you choose.
– All printed materials are made with 100% recycled paper.
– Quick turn-around time.
– Good looking packaging.
– Love the paper they used.

– A small suite of products available on the iPhone app.

*Review is based on ordering the 5×5 inch book created in the iPhone app.

If you are interested in Artifact Uprising, search for the app in your app store or go to

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