Fjærland – Bøyrum Glacier

Our second day spent in Balestrand began by taking a small boat through the Sognefjord to Fjærland, which is nestled at the base of Bøyrum Glacier located in the shadows of the Jostedalbreen Range. We weren’t able to touch the ice, but we had a pretty nice view of the ice on the mountain. I’ve […]

Rollag and Geilo – Heritage Day

Today was heritage day for the Skogen family. The first stop was the stave church in Rollag where my Dad’s Father’s Father, Helleck, was baptized. We couldn’t go inside the church, but we wandered around outside looking at all the graves. There were about 4-5 Skogen graves there…my favorite name was Ninni Skogen. Next, we […]

Oslo to Rjukan, Norway

We left Oslo early this morning and started making our way West. The first stop was in Kongsberg at the Silver Mines. I should have been a little apprehensive or had some kind of ill feeling about going over mile into a mountain, but all of us just quickly ducked into the tiny cars ready […]

Oslo, Norway

Since the hotel serves breakfast from 6-11am, we had plenty of time to sleep, which I took full advantage of. It’s traditional in Norway to serve cold cuts, cheese and really good bread in the morning. They had this for an option in one room and then all the usual breakfast food in the other. […]

Traveling to Norway

Being together as a whole family is a rare thing for the Skogen family. But, our dad has been generous enough to take us all to Norway…a total of 13. I’m the youngest of 7, 4 are married, plus mom and dad. (the grand kids were left at home) We all flew into Detroit from […]